Brass instrument servicing in South Yorkshire

Are you looking for brass instrument servicing? Contact Keith Alderson Woodwind & Brass Repairs. I provide brass instrument servicing in Doncaster.

The servicing of a brass instrument includes:

  • Stripping down the instrument to remove any corrosion in valve casings and ports
  • Descaling whole instrument either chemically or mechanically as appropriate
  • Cleansing in an ultrasonic cleaning tank
  • Polishing and cleaning of slide legs, valves and casings as required
  • Lapping in any sluggish valves
  • Replacement of any corks, felts, springs and guides at cost of the parts
  • Our ultrasonic cleaning tank uses ultrasound in water, or an appropriate solvent and creates millions of tiny, controlled bubble explosions to deep clean your instruments.
  • Safe and thorough cleaning technology

    If you’re looking for saxophone servicing or saxophone repairs, contact Keith Alderson Woodwind & Brass Repairs. I use a safe, thorough cleaning technology, which reaches all the nooks and crannies inaccessible through manual cleaning methods. It is ideal for cleansing valves and valve casings and effectively removes any lapping compound.

    Once the servicing is complete, the brass instrument is lubricated, reassembled and test played to ensure it is in working order. Price will be given on application for full overhaul or lacquering, as my polishing, re-lacquering and silver plating service is outsourced. Smaller instruments will be placed in the tank but, due to its space limitations, separate components of larger instruments will be cleansed individually.

    Brass instrument repair

    1. Cornet service
    2. Valves
    3. French horn service (3 valve student)
    4. Solid link arm
    5. Tenor horn service
    6. Euphonium 3 valve service
    7. Trombone service
    8. Trumpet service
    9. Valves only
    10.French horn 4 valve – solid link arm
    11. Extra £15 for re-string
    12. Baritone horn
    13. Valves
    14. Euphonium 4 valve service
    15. ​Valves only
    16. Bass service

    Prices may vary depending on the instrument. Call me for a quote.

    An experienced woodwind instrument repair specialist

    I have more than 33 years’ trade experience as a brass and woodwind instrument repair specialist, so you can be assured that all repairs and adjustments will be completed to a high standard, ensuring your musical instrument is restored to working order. It’s my aim to take the hassle out of repairing and maintaining your instrument, allowing you to enjoy playing again as soon as possible.

    If you are based in Doncaster or surrounding areas and would like to discuss your brass instrument repair in depth, why not get in touch with me today?


    Keith’s professional and high quality service means I would never take my clarinet to be repaired anywhere else! He always finds the time to do a quick repair too when needed. He came highly recommended and I can definitely do the same.

    For brass instrument servicing, saxophone servicing and saxophone repairs in Doncaster, contact Keith Alderson Woodwind & Brass Repairs on
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