I have just had an Imperial EEb tube overhauled by Keith amazed at the quality of the work and that he managed to get it ready for me for the weekend even when he had to source a new valve and managed to repair another valve a big thanks for all his effort.

Albert Dawber
9th Oct '16

I reasently bought a alto sax from eBay .it was advertised as nearly new .but when it arrived it was broke.i couldn't sort it out with the seller so I took it to Kieth.He spotted the problem straight away .He repaired it the same day ,said it would cost about £60.00. When I picked it up he charged me £45.00.. I'm not an expert on saxophones.but the servos I got was excellent .Thanks again .Carlton.

Carlton Oldham
15th Jun '16

I have used Keith's repair service for my own instruments and those of students, over a period of 15 years or so, and in every case the work has been top quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other woodwind players. Keith uses the best materials, and you can be sure that what you are paying for is going to last.

Mike Halliday
24th Jul '15

Keith has been doing repairs for Doncaster Music Service for many years now, and we wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. He always does a great job!

With pupils often needing a last minute repair before a concert or important exam, it’s good to know that he can work a miracle in time for the big day.

Nothing is ever a problem for Keith, and that’s why we appreciate him so much.

Alison Goffin, Doncaster Music Service Manager
24th Jul '15

I have recently got my clarinet back from Keith's workshop. He has taken great care of it and it looks and feels great. This is the second service with a fantastic repair to a crack from 3 years ago still all but invisible. I'd thoroughly recommend Keith's work and service. Many thanks.

Edmund Cross, Facilitation/Development/Training
24th Jul '15

I have known Keith for many years now and he has done countless jobs for me. I am always impressed by the level of his work and knowledge of how instruments work. Keith understands the needs of the professional musician and he's got me out of a few sticky situations by completing jobs in super fast time so that I don't have to cancel gigs. Thanks Keith and keep up the good work!

Mark Ellis, Jazz musician, teacher and graduate of Berkeley Music College USA
24th Jul '15

As a Professional Musician for over 25 years, I have known Keith Alderson for more than 13. His invisible soldering applied to some damaged key work on my Baritone and Soprano Saxophones recently, was performed with great skill and craftsmanship, as was the complete overhaul of my Flute. I also introduced Keith to a pupil who needed certain keys extending because his little fingers on each hand could not reach bottom E flat, C, B and B flat. Because of Keith's precision engineering, the work was completed perfectly and the pupil was more than happy.

I will continue to use Keith Alderson for all my woodwind repairs and I would always recommend him to woodwind players of all standards.

Andy Cahill
24th Jul '15

I have no hesitation in recommending Keith Alderson as a top class saxophone technician.

I have recently bought 2 classic vintage saxophones on eBay. The first a new wonder Conn alto from California which was unplayable when I received it. Keith was able to fabricate new parts - it is now one of my favourite Jazz horns.

The second saxophone is a very old vintage Conn baritone and this needed considerable work to bring it up to playing standard. This was carried out promptly and expertly by Keith. I am pleased to say that I now have an excellent baritone which gives me a sound a la Gerry Mulligan. My tenor saxophone, a mark VI Selmer, also needed Keith's magic touch to remove a bad dent caused by persons unknown at a big band gig.

To sum up - it's nice to know "a man who can"!

Peter Harrison Procter, Candlelight Sax
24th Jul '15

Alderson Woodwind have been carrying out our instrument repairs for the last 10 years.

Always efficient, friendly and above all high quality workmanship. Never had cause to send any repair back.

Keith Alderson comes highly recommended.

Time and Tune Music Shop
24th Jul '15

I have known Keith Alderson since taking up my position as Head of Rotherham Schools Music Service 10 years ago, he was already providing an instrumental repairs service to us. Keith has forged an excellent relationship with the service and our staff. He is reliable, efficient and work is carried out to a high standard with a weekly turnover. It is especially appreciated that on occasion, when emergency repair is required, Keith manages to do what is required every time.

David Lever, Head of Service, Rotherham Schools Music Service
24th Jul '15